Entering a Decade of Building

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2019 — Paving the Way for the Future

With the end of the current year a decade full of experiences is coming to an end. Experiences that defined my development to become who I am today.

The 2010s have been the decade which saw me grow from a teenager to an adult, from a high school student, over a university student, to a company founder and business owner. From someone who was afraid of change to someone who embraces it wholeheartedly. From someone who felt rather transparent to the world, having a hard time to fit in and connect, to someone who stands his ground and who people want to be friends with and ask for advice. From someone who almost never left home to someone who is exploring the world in his own way.

I am unbelievably grateful for all the things that I was able to experience during these past ten years. For every person that has crossed my path and shared some moments with me. For all the support I received from family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. For every challenge that I was facing that made me grow and become stronger. For all of it coming together and allowing me to look back with awe and pride.

The Foundation Has Been Laid

The past decade seems like it has been my time to soak in as many impressions as possible, in order to build up a portfolio of experiences that will help me to make the right decisions in the upcoming future. I can clearly feel that my own mindset has changed — from one that says “I know what I don’t want” to one that says “I know what I want”. This seemed rather impossible to me even until just a short while ago. It truly feels like a foundation has been put in place, that will provide me with a solid ground to build my life on.

In terms of my personal life, I can count on unconditional support from my family, that is never doubting my efforts and believes in me. They always remind me what really matters in the end — facing life’s challenges and sharing it’s beauty together. We might be a small bunch, but a strong one.

I have made friends that value me and who add tremendous value to my life, constantly helping me to grow. Friendships that are based on more than just being in the same place at the same time or spending a certain period of time together. Friendships that feel the same every time you meet, no matter how long ago the last time has been.

I have found a girl that due to difficult circumstances I couldn’t imagine figuring out a working relationship with, that became the one I cannot imagine to not have in my life and that I am excited to plan the new year with.

On the business side, I could not be more happy and excited for the future. I was brave enough to act according to my own beliefs and instincts and against many opinions and doubts from myself and others. The puzzle pieces are slowly coming together and I’m on the brink of achieving two of my biggest goals towards a truly free life — becoming financially independent and location independent.

Now all it takes is consistent effort towards my personal and business projects, while always being open for upcoming opportunities.

2020 — Time to Build

A good friend of mine has told me earlier this year that 2020 will be a perfect opportunity to start and build new things. 2019 was supposed to be a year that serves as a cleanup and as preparation for what’s coming, separating things that don’t belong together and bringing together things that match.

While I’m not very spiritual in any way, my own perception can resonate with that description very well for some reason. I can relate to it. Therefore, I have defined for myself that the transition into this new decade marks the checkpoint to focus on execution towards the vision of the life I want to live. Anything is possible.

Towards building great things in 2020 and beyond!

Looking forward to your comments below this article.

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Concrete Pavers NZ

The 10 years of experience you have shared is really amazing. I like your blog very much. Yes anything is possible but you have that confident too. It gives me inspiration and also to all. Thank you so much for this wonderful writing.


I can see 2020 shaping up to be an excellent year to build and execute plans that have laid dormant for too long. Anything is possible if the work is put in diligently and consistently. Best wishes to you, Benny, moving into the new year with a fresh perspective. Cheers. -Ken