My name is Benny and I’m from Munich, Germany.

This blog serves as a platform for me to document my development and progress towards my goal of creating a life that I can live on my own terms through building a business that allows me to be truly free.

I want to use the opportunity to share my experiences, as I myself have received tons of valuable input from people sharing theirs. I want to do my part in doing the same for others.

Born and raised in Germany and graduated as an Industrial Engineer, it somehow didn’t click with me to follow that path for all too long. In fact, just after graduation I already felt that there were other things for me to explore and work on than starting a suitable job for my degree. Therefore, I am now working on different projects in the online content and e-commerce space, which you can learn more about in my articles.

Working on my own business for me means taking control about my life and being able to live it from a state of desire rather than necessity.

Change makes life worth living.

I am constantly trying to learn new things and to challenge myself as I have realized that for me this is what life is about. Movement is life, stagnation is death.

So let’s see where this blogging project will take me. I hope it provides you with some value.

If for some reason you want to send me a message, please feel free to do so here.

Looking forward to hear from you!