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My name is Benny and I’m an entrepreneur, digital marketer & writer from Munich, Germany.

While serving as my creative outlet, I use this blog to document my own development and to share valuable experiences I make to help others grow as well.

Born and raised in Germany, I am also an Industrial Engineering graduate, taking my first steps as an entrepreneur trying out many different things, a foodie with a special passion for Asian food, and an ambitious athlete to be in control of my health (and also to make this life as a foodie work without regrets).

I realized that by writing down my thoughts I actually get a chance to reflect on them and to see them from a different perspective. Literally turning my thoughts into a valuable source of ideas and creativity, even the not so happy ones.

Change makes life worth living.

I am constantly trying to learn new things and to challenge myself as I have realized that for me this is what life is about. Movement is life, stagnation is death.

To not lose ourselves with constant change around us, which is almost inevitable in today’s world, I am convinced that more than ever we all need to find ways to be stable from within ourselves. The world around us changes at an ever-increasing pace, but we can always control how to respond to it. This will never change.

If for some reason you want to send me a message, please feel free to do so here.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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