Coil Income Report: March 2021

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Welcome to the fourteenth edition of my Coil income reports, which I publish monthly.

Having Coil integrated into this WordPress website enables me to receive tiny micropayments streamed to me in real time as visitors are reading my articles — provided they have an active Coil subscription.

While it is also possible to receive those payments in US dollars and many other fiat and crypto currencies, I am receiving mine in XRP, which is a cryptocurrency used for different use cases.

This Month’s XRP Balance

Coil XRP Balance March 2021

My XRP balance for March 2021 that I received through Coil

Last month I received a total of 5.247185 XRP, which corresponds to an increase of +112 % compared to the previous month. With the exchange rate of XRP/EUR on the last day of the month that was worth roughly 2,49 €. That corresponds to an increase of +199 % compared to the previous month.

This Month’s Traffic Analytics

Chart of my blog traffic analytics for March 2021

Chart of my blog traffic analytics for March 2021

Let’s measure it against my blog traffic analytics from last month.

I had 354 visitors on my blog in the past month. Divided by the amount I earned through Coil makes 0,007 € that I earned per visitor.

This balance also includes the payments that I receive from Coil subscribers watching the content that I share directly on the Coil blogging platform and my videos on Cinnamon or YouTube.

Therefore, it’s not super accurate, but sufficient for me at this point.

Another Coil Boost + My First Coil Affiliate Program Payout

I’m happy to have received another payout from the Coil boost program.

On March 19, I received an extra 241.680148 XRP, which was worth $ 114.05 at that moment.

The boost program has now been closed and has been replaced by Coil’s very own affiliate program.

Coil Affiliate Program Income March 2021

My income balance from the Coil affiliate program for March 2021

By the end of last month, my earned income balance from Coil’s affiliate program was $ 19.61, which corresponds to my withdrawal payout of 33.850437 XRP, as I have chosen to receive my payout in XRP.

You can check out all my monthly Coil income reports, which I create to track the development and perceived adoption of Coil.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below this article.

If you are curious to find out how to integrate Coil into your own WordPress website or blog, check out my step-by-step guide on how to do it.

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