Coil Income Report: September 2020

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Welcome to the ninth edition of my Coil income reports, which I publish monthly.

Having Coil integrated into this WordPress website enables me to receive tiny micropayments streamed to me in real time as visitors are reading my articles — provided they have an active Coil subscription.

While it is also possible to receive those payments in US dollars and many other fiat and crypto currencies, I am receiving mine in XRP, which is a cryptocurrency used for different use cases.

This Month’s XRP Balance

Coil XRP Balance September 2020

My XRP balance for September 2020 that I received through Coil

Last month I received a total of 32.952071 XRP, which corresponds to an increase of +415 % compared to the previous month. With the exchange rate of XRP/EUR on the last day of the month that was worth roughly 6,77 €. That corresponds to an increase of +347 % compared to the previous month.

This Month’s Traffic Analytics

Chart of my blog traffic analytics for September 2020

Chart of my blog traffic analytics for September 2020

On September 18, I received an extra 394.072077 XRP, which was worth $ 99.92 at that moment. The boost program keeps being an amazing effort by Coil for new people to give web monetization a try and to start experimenting with it.

I received some questions over the time about how to qualify for the boost program. I do believe creating interesting content with consistency and sharing it on the Coil platform, will eventually get you in.

Over time, someone will notice your efforts for sure. Just don’t expect that writing articles for a month will get you in right away, because then you might be disappointed. Patience.

Last month had some big news in store for me regarding my application for the first call for proposals of the Grant for the Web.

My application with a small project that I’d like to work on was accepted, and I am super excited to receive funding for it and being one of the first Spark level recipients. I will share more information on this matter shortly.

For now, I am simply happy to be able to dedicate more of my time towards something related to Web Monetization, and I am so glad that I got involved with this whole development. There are so many exciting news, topics, opportunities, and people in this space, it’s truly exciting for me.

You can check out all my monthly Coil income reports, which I create to track the development and perceived adoption of Coil.

Check the video for a closer look into and more comments from my side on the past month.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below this article.

If you are curious to find out how to integrate Coil into your own WordPress website or blog, check out my step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Enjoy my content and want to support me? 

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