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On this page I want to take some time – or rather a few lines – to say thank you to everyone out there who is having a positive impact on my life. Many experiences throughout my life have taught me that without people around me, who I can connect with, life just becomes so much more difficult and so much less enjoyable.

    First of all, I want to thank my mom for always being there for me and for raising me to become who I am today. The way you encourage me to go my own way – through always being supportive, yet sharing the necessary amount of constructive criticism – is truly enabling me to live the life I want to have. You are my biggest role model and the strongest person I know. You are the heart of our small family and deserve all the happiness in the world. I will always work hard trying to give back what you have given me. I love you.

    I want to thank my dad, who passed away way too early, for always being there for me during my childhood and teenage years, even when disease was making your life so difficult at times. Thanks for passing on the entrepreneurial spark to me. Today I can much better understand the vision you had in mind for our family. You did not have enough time, but you made the most of it. I will never forget you.

    A big thank you also goes out to my big brother Maxi, who is always there for me during all the highs and all the lows. You are my go-to person for when I’m feeling lost, which sometimes doesn’t even require any spoken words. Whatever happens, I know that together we will always figure things out.

    Also, I want to say thank you to Tidiane. Coming all the way from Senegal and becoming a fundamental part of our family, overcoming all obstacles on the way – you inspire me. For you every day is wonderful, no matter what. You are a great husband for my mom, which I am grateful for.

    Next comes my best friend and truly my brother from another mother – Daniel. I never thought that I would ever have a friendship like ours, as it seems just so highly unlikely to happen. We met during university, both of us not being fulfilled by it and from there we began an incredible journey of growth and development, fueled by our endless motivation to create our own life. I have seen you change 180 degrees. Looking back five years it already feels incredible. Thinking about where we are going to be in another five years is beyond my imagination.

    Also, all of the following people deserve a big thank you and a hug:

    • Marry for supporting Daniel and me with what we are up to and for always providing great feedback (and sweet treats)
    • Elena for all the morning hugs during my recent internship, often being the best part of my day in the office
    • Sophia for being the coolest colleague and becoming a great friend after thinking I am a weirdo for the first few weeks sitting next to you
    • Peter & Armin for the fact that it always feels like we are still seeing each other every day whenever we have a chance to catch up again
    • Inken & Maria for us always catching up with each other and being close, even when we don’t meet very often
    • My Shanghai’s Finest group of friends in Munich, who have proven me wrong that I can still find great friends in my hometown (even though to meet each other we actually had to go all the way to Shanghai and spend a year in China together, still counts)
    • Ziyi for being my best friend over there in China and for being a true sunshine in form of a person
    • Bew for being my best friend in Thailand, for introducing me to your amazing family and for making a visit to Bangkok without seeing you at least once not really worth it
    • Ying Xuan & Bowen for still being in touch after being interns in Shanghai at the same time and for figuring life out together
    • Eason for being my little Chinese brother who I miss dearly (hoping to see you again soon) as well as Serena & Lawrence, Ayi & Shushu for being able to say that I have a family in China who took care of me for a while when living in Shanghai
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